Poetry Workshops

My poetry workshops are tailored towards showing you how to edit your own material. Imagine shaping your rough drafts into polished versions that make the reader say ‘Ahhh.’

Join me for a ‘Get Your Poem Submission Ready’ workshop and I will show you how to fix underwriting and overwriting issues. We’ll also find the heart of your poem and tighten your drafts so they are ready to send out to magazines, competitions or perform on stage.

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If you want one-to-one help with a full manuscript, please check out my editing services.

What recent participants have to say…

‘Tina Sederholm is a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable workshop facilitator. Her editing workshop helped me to edit and finish some poems that I’d been struggling with for ages. Editing is such a tricky skill to master, but Tina gives simple and easy to follow advice on how to wrangle even the trickiest piece of writing!’

Leanne Moden

‘Loads of insight and ideas whirring around my head. aI feel much more confident about approaching my drawer poems for a good clean edit.’

Rachael Caulton

Tina’s tutoring style is informative, inspiring, supportive and generous. The workshop gave me a very helpful framework for my editing process.