This is Not Therapy (Book)

Tina Sederholm is a pathfinder, scouting out the best ways to thrive in our confusing and overwrought world. Fuelled by a passionate belief in the healing power of art, and the contention that no person or day is exempt from an interesting story, she uses her finely honed wit to confront complex questions such as, ‘How do you live a meaningful life?’, ‘What sort of God is worth believing in?’ and ‘How do you best fold your socks?’
The result is an infectious rebel shout-out to finding joy even in difficult circumstances, hope and solace for those traversing any transition in their life.

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Direct quotes about the book:

‘Instantly accessible, provocative and fun, Tina Sederholm’s poems are depth charges of insight and emotion.’ 
JP Delaney, author of The Girl Before, Sunday Times Thriller of the Month.

‘Having reached the end of this beautiful collection of Tina Sederholm’s poetry, I turned back to the beginning to read them all again. Some poets impress you with their insights, some make you laugh with their wit, some move you to tears with their vulnerability and some bring consolation with their humanity. Tina Sederholm does them all.’
Isabel Losada, author of The Joyful Environmentalist.

‘I love Tina’s writing. She’s both funny and surprising even when writing about the familiar and everyday. Her poems are like a joyous, witty friend you can’t wait to hang out with.’
Jess Green

‘Satirical yet life-affirming.’ David Olsen, winner of Cinnamon Press Poetry Collection Award.

‘Poetry that knocks your socks off – then pops down the shops to get you warmer ones.’
Mark Grist