Editing Services

Editing services are an integral part of my portfolio. There are few things I love more than helping someone take a rough draft of a poem, story or non-fiction piece and turning it into something wonderful. Using a compassionate but pragmatic approach, I show you easy ways to re-shape, re-write and then edit your work so you end up saying what you truly want to say. And sometimes, uncovering something genius that you didn’t know you knew. I work on both individually, either as a long term mentor or editor for a specific book or manuscript, and run workshops, currently on Zoom.

To find out more, either email me, tina@tinasederholm.com or sign up to the newsletter for editing tips and be the first to know about upcoming workshops.

Editing Services Testimonials

‘Loads of insight and ideas whirring around my head and I feel much more confident about approaching my drawer poems for a good clean edit’.

Rachael Caulton, poet.

‘I submitted a first draft of my spoken word show, One Foot In The Rave, to Tina at a crucial point in its development. I was having all of the usual self-doubts as well as being very new to writing for stage. I needed honest feedback and some sense of a third party perspective. Tina delivered exactly that. Her feedback was both insightful and honest. As a result of her keen eye and genuine interest in the story I was able to see a clear line through the muddy sections. Tina has a deep understanding of the written word and storytelling. Most importantly of all, she is not shy in challenging you! I found her service to be invaluable and will definitely be commissioning a final edit’.

Alexander Rhodes, poet.

‘I’ve had the joy of Tina Sederholm helping me with editing and she’s clear, critical, positive and very good to work with.’

Matt Black, poet.