TINTPOD S2E9 Till Debt Us Do Part


S2E9 Till Debt Us Do Part

Money and debt can be triggering at the best of times but during a cost of living crisis? Let’s not even go there. But maybe we should. Maybe it’s time to look those fears in the face, or at least peak between our fingers at them. In 2016, I wrote a show called Till Debt Us Do Part. Now I return to that show, to see if anything in it can calm my current brain weasels.

(P.S. make sure you listen until after the credits because Neil has left the best Easter Egg of outtakes ever.)

Featured Poem:Two Dresses , from the collection Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful

Excerpts from Till Debt Us Do Part, recorded live at the Wantage Literary Festival, 2016.



25th June Drafting Table (Oxford Poetry Library) at Gulp Fiction 

10th -12th July This Is Not Therapy at Buxton Fringe

15th July Carnworth Fringe at Royal Station Hotel

16th July Morecambe Fringe at West End Playhouse


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