This Is Not Therapy S2E8 Memo to Mothers (And Those Who Are Not)

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S2E8 Memo to Mothers (and Those Who Are Not)

Whether you are blessed with child-bearing organs or not, I bet at some point in your life you tussled with yourself about whether to have children. I know I spent most of my twenties trying to avoid having children and then when the countdown to closing of that door began, I spent an inordinate amount of time and tears, trying to come to a definitive decision. Now I’m in my fifties, that door is bolted shut, so here are some stories about being the other side of that decision, and what that means to me about being a ‘woman’.

Featured Poems: Memo to Mothers, and Memo to Those Who Are Not Mothers, from the collection This is Not Therapy


25th June Drafting Table (Oxford Poetry Library) at Gulp Fiction 

10th -12th July This Is Not Therapy at Buxton Fringe


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