This Is Not Therapy: Does Every Freedom Become a Prison?

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This Is Not Therapy: Does Every Freedom Become a Prison?

Welcome to the next episode of This Is Not Therapy – the podcast! In this series I’ll be riffing on everyday subjects like  food, money, relationships, tyrannical to-do lists and visits to the dental hygienist, in a similar way to my live shows. Only these episodes have added music, sound effects and, frankly, feature me getting to the point much sooner than in real life.

Today I touch on eating and inherited familial habits in a neat 10 minute story. A little food for thought while you enjoy your morning cuppa.

Episode 2: Does Every Freedom Become a Prison?

Do you remember how excited you were when you got your first mobile phone? Or the first time you heard a ping from your computer that said ‘You’ve Got Mail?’

How do you feel about them now?
Tina takes a quick journey down memory lane, to see if she can’t re-kindle the romance with her mobile phone, or at least become better friends with it.

Featured Poem: How to keep Going, from the collection This is Not Therapy

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