This Is Not Therapy: Considering the Cupcake

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Welcome to the first episode of This Is Not Therapy – the podcast! In this series I’ll be riffing on nagging everyday questions about food, money, relationships and visits to the dental hygienist, in a similar way to my live shows. Only these episodes have added music, sound effects and, frankly, feature me getting to the point much sooner than in real life.

Today’s episode touches on eating and inherited familial habits in a neat 10 minute story. A little food for thought while you enjoy your morning cuppa.

Episode 1: Considering the Cupcake

Slow down, you chew too fast… ( or not at all)

Tina’s always been a speed-eater. She knows she shouldn’t but how do you break the habit of a lifetime? A light-hearted look at a silly habit. Naturally, it includes cake.

Featured Poem: Consider the Cupcake, from the collection Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful

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This podcast was developed thanks to a Develop Your Creative Practice grant, from Arts Council England.