S1E3: We all have Ghost Ships


S1E3: We all have Ghost Ships

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you do it? In this week’s episode, Tina explores her un-lived lives and finds a surprisingly joyful way to make peace with them.

Featured Poems: Ghosts, from the collection This is Not Therapy

Sister Ships – full transcript below.

References: The Blue House by Tomas Transtromer

 The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

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Sister Ships
Dusk. The prow of the ship
I stand in slices dark blue earth 
into a feather collar.
I look starboard.
A fleet of ghosted outlines
little more than cobwebs, 
brilliant with caught moisture,
speed alongside.
One has sketches of children
playing on the deck.
Their faces are laughter-shaped.
On another, a horse leaps from the prow
flings his forelegs up an over
every approaching wave.
Further down the line
are the ghosts 
of these ghosts.
Somewhere between a bride’s veil
and an autumn fog
but lithe with electricity
momentarily made visible.
I used to believe
there was only one ship.
The others sunk, sailed without me,
or marooned in harbour.
But now I raise my hand, wave
at all their silvery essences.
Their occupants turn and wave back.
A fleet not abandoned
but sailing towards the same port.