Declutter your Inbox


I awoke on Monday morning with a deep yearning to de-clutter my inbox. The night before I’d cogitated on the moment  I’d seen that I had 20 or so emails, which invoked that familiar rush of endorphins, a bit like when I used to come home from school and discover a letter had arrived in […]

Writing Skills: Creating the world of your story


Everything has to happen somewhere. One of the most important writing skills you can develop, whether your story takes the form of a show, novel or play, is to view the story world one of the main characters. If you don’t pay attention to the world of your story, you miss a vital layer of […]

Writing Skills: Strengthen those sentences

(Just) A quick writing skills tip this month. See what I did there?  Human beings love peppering their conversation and their writing with intensifiers like just, really and very. We do it because we think it makes our point stronger. Or we want to impress upon our readers how really really difficult something was, or how very very very sincere we […]

Poetry Editing – What to do when a poem isn’t working

Fixing broken poems is a sub-genre within the art of poetry editing. I once wrote a poem called ‘ A single vial of electric blue light.’ The image came from a vivid dream that I couldn’t shake off. A brilliant artist I knew, and had once been in love with, sat on my bed (in […]