Evie And The Perfect Cupcake (2013)

Evie and the Perfect Cupcake is set in a dystopian alternative universe where the inhabitants are weighed every day, paid in calories instead of money and punished for being overweight. Evie, one of its unhappier inhabitants, is a woman who has reached that stage in life where she is not quite as rich, not quite as pretty and not quite as married as she expected to be. Overshadowed by her famous, skinny sister, Evie finds herself going nowhere but the fridge. Will she resist the allure of the perfect cupcake, and achieve the lean silhouette she is convinced will make her happy, or can she actually have her cake and eat it?

‘Completely spellbinding’ ***** Edfringe Review

‘Tina’s language fluctuates from luscious to fragile and perceptive… a very powerful show.’ **** www.sabotagereviews.com

‘Unsettling yet strangely gripping.’ www.fringebiscuit.co.uk

My first full length show (2012/13). Had two short runs at Edinburgh Fringe, and also shows at Old Fire Station, Oxford, ChipLitFest, Balham Fringe and the Albion Beatnik. Despite the slightly dodgy title, it was very well received and spurred me onto to write the next one.