Till Debt Us Do Part (2016)

Tina learns how to make friends with debt without jumping into bed with it in this unflinching but comic plunge into the nether regions of debt. Solvency and love are distilled from fiscal meltdown as performance poetry meets finance, as Tina gets real about money.

Till Debt Us Do Part finds Tina as she wakes up amongst rumpled credit card receipts and a pile of rejection letters, in the embrace of an offer she couldn’t resist. How did she get here, and more importantly, how is she going to get out? And with the UK 1.65 trillion pounds in debt, is it ever possible to be truly debt-free?

‘An hour of genius story-telling.’ **** Edfringe Review.

‘Tina Sederholm is a deceptively powerful orator and a gifted wordsmith.’
The Swindonian

I loved doing this show, because instead of just having a few funny lines, I leant into comedy, and learnt how to take the mickey out of myself.

We did a full run in Edinburgh 2016, as well as Barnes Fringe, Offbeat Festival, Wantage Literary Festival, Swindon Fringe, Umbrella Arts, Southampton.